Hello, my name is


I am a PhD candidate.

As a Thermodynamic & Fluid mechanics passionate, Data.Sc & AI enthusiast, I work on multi-criteria predictive control optimization of district heating networks under uncertainty by using physics-based machine learning.

About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate at INSA Lyon, France. My thesis is being held in two laboratories:

  1. CETHIL, center for energy and thermal sciences of Lyon.

  2. LIRIS, image and information systems laboratory.

During my 5 years of engineering studies I had the opportunity to work on different projects, with different scopes : CFD / Energy optimization / Environmental policies / CAD / AI & Data.Sc.

I conducted my MSc project at University College London (UCL) in the mechanical engineering department. My work consisted on designing and studying novel designs of microchannel heat sinks and to assess their thermo-hydraulic enhancement with nanofluids.

I have been involved in various associations, and have acquired transversal skills in team management and IT projects.

Given my academic background, I am always curious to work on and know more about the following subjects:

  1. Artificial intelligence and data science applied to the optimisation of energy systems.

  2. Renewable energy production, conversion and storage systems.

  3. Turbomachinery.

  4. Numerical modelling, maths & probability.

Here are also few technologies I've been working with:
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • MongoDB
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • StarCCM+
  • Ansys Fluent/CFX
  • Paraview
  • Aspen Hysys
  • PVSyst
  • TRNSys
  • Matlab/Simulink


PhD Candidate - CETHIL
October 2022 - Present
I work on multi-criteria predictive control optimization of distributed energy systems, using physics-based & probabilistic machine learning approaches.
ML and Fluid Mechanics Intern - General Electric Hydro
March 2022 - August 2022
Development and deployment of geometric convolutional neural networks (GCNN) as surrogate models for CFD simulations to accelerate the design phase of hydrauloc turbines.
Tech Lead - Forum Organisation
March 2021 - March 2022

Head of Tech within a professional association that generates contacts between recruiters and students. With my team of 8 people, we conducted the following missions:

  • Management, development and maintenance of a job-dating platform (visio modules, blog with headless cms etc.)
  • Development of a Data/BI pipeline for the different activities of the association (KPIs, Power BI)
Research intern - University College London
March 2021 - August 2021

My work focused on two separate projects :

  • The study, conception and design of microchannel heat sinks for power electronics. A state of art of the current advances have been made and novel designs were proposed and studied. Finally, the work also focused on the use of nanofluids to enhance the heat transfer.
  • The second project which is an experimental work consisted on the construction of a double-shell calorimeter for highly efficient power converters.


2017 - 2022
Engineer in Energy and Environmental Sciences

My degree was obtained after succeeding in two cycles:

  • First cycle [2017-2019]: initial training for engineering professions (pure sciences such as maths, fundamental physics and chimestry)
  • Second cycle [2019-2022]: energy and environment master (heat transfer, fluid mechanic, advanced thermodynamic, tubormachines, data science)

Extracurricular Activities

  • President of the association of Moroccan engineers and researchers of INSA Lyon (ACEIMI)
  • Member of the course strategy team at Proto INSA Club (low consumption vehicle construction).
MSc Thesis
University College London (UCL)
I conducted my MSc thesis for 5 months in the “Advanced Electric propulsion” laboratory of the mechanical engineering department. My work consisted on the evaluation of microchannel heat sinks to manage the thermal losses of power electronic, and specifically inverters in electric cars.
High School
ESL High School (Fez, Morocco).
High School diploma in mathematical science with high honors.
Laureate of “Concours générale des sciences et techniques”, in the mathematics subject.


Machine Learning for time series analysis
Machine Learning for time series analysis

I am in charge of giving lectures and tutorials to final-year graduate students at Energy and Environment department at INSA.

  • Statistical tools (autocorrelation, Dickey-Fuller tests…),
  • Standard models (ARIMA models, Exponential smoothing),
  • Deep Learning Models (LSTM, GRU).
Hilbertian Analysis
Maths Convolution ODE
Hilbertian Analysis

Tutorials in hilbertian analysis for bachelor level students. The program covers:

  • Integration,
  • Differential equations and numerical methods,
  • Laplace and Fourier transforms,
  • Hilbert spaces and operators.
Teaching assistant for undergrad
Maxwell equations Linear Algebra Tensors Statistical tests
Teaching assistant for undergrad

Tutorials and lectures for undegrad students in:

  • Mathematics (linear algebra, real functions, probabilities),
  • Physics (mechanics, electrodynamics),
  • Coupled heat transfers,
  • Python (numpy, scipy).

Get in Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I will try my best to get back to you!